An overview of all updates.

Version 1.7 (11.05.24)

  • Added a new actor component 'AC_ProNavWind' capable of simulating a wind force. This component can be used to make missiles seem more realistic and less "perfect". It can also be used to create a missile swarm behavior. A replicated version of this component has also been added to the pack.

  • Updated the 'ProNavPresetShowcase' level to include multiple new missiles that use the wind component.

  • Minor tweaks have been made to the AC_ProNav component, improving both code readability and performance.

  • Fixed a visual bug that cause the 'NE_ProNavTrail' to look choppy on some Unreal Engine versions.

Version 1.6 (12.03.24)

  • Added a new option 'JitterEffect' to the AC_ProNav component. When enabled, the missile will randomly jitter during its flight. This can be used to enhance the projectile's perception of speed and power.

  • Added acceleration logic to the missile blueprints. If the variable 'TargetSpeed' is set, the missile will accelerate to this speed after being spawned.

Version 1.5 (06.03.24)

  • Added a new option 'Overshoot Rotation' to the AC_ProNav component. When enabled, the projectile's front is rotated inwards when making turns. This enhances the look and feel of realistic missiles. This behavior can be further tweaked in the details panel.

  • Added a network-replicated version of the AC_ProNav, BP_ProNavMissile, BP_ProNavRocketLauncher, and the BP_ProNav Target to the pack.

  • Added a lightweight version of the AC_ProNav that uses Quaternions to simulate proportional navigation. While this version is cheaper on performance and works with any initial starting conditions, it has less features and tends to perform worse on lower frame-rates.

Version 1.4 (29.02.24)

  • Added a new option 'Safe Climbing' to the AC_ProNav component. The behaviors 'Climb to Height' and 'Avoid Terrain' can cause the projectile to lose optimal tracking under rare conditions. When this option is enabled, the projectile will always realign itself with the target after performing any climb. This prevents the projectile from losing its optimal tracking, but might lead to it following a more curved flight path.

  • Renamed the pack folder name to 'Advanced Guided Missiles' to prevent any confusion (it was named 'Proportional Navigation before).

  • Fixed a bug that caused the shooting VFX of the rocket launcher to be incorrectly rotated.

Version 1.3 (15.01.24)

  • The demo level has been ported to 5.0 and was re-added to the pack.

Version 1.2 (10.01.24)

  • Added a small showcase level and several missile presets.

Version 1.1 (08.01.24)

  • Unreal Versions 5.0-5.3 are now supported (it previously only supported 5.3).

Version 1.0 (07.01.24)

Pack released on the Epic Games Marketplace.

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