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How do I change the speed of the projectile?

The provided actor component will only rotate the speed vector of the projectile. Therefore, it will always maintain the projectile's current speed.

You can set / change the speed by updating the velocity vector of the Projectile Movement component.

How do I assign a target to my projectile?

You need to assign an actor reference to the AC_ProNav component so it knows which actor to intercept.

To do this, get a reference to the AC_ProNav component (which should be attached to your projectile) and update the "Target" actor reference variable.

Does the guidance algorithm have a heavy impact on system performance?

No, the algorithm runs very resource-efficient. You can check out the free playable demo level. In this level, there are 35+ missiles spawned simultaneously without causing any lag.

If you wish to spawn an incredibly large number of projectiles that use advanced guidance, you can either lower the tick rate of the AC_ProNav component, or use the lightweight Quaternion version provided in the pack.

Is this pack network replicated?

Yes, network replicated versions of the ProNav component, missile, rocket launcher, and target have been added to the pack in a previous update.

Is there some additional footage of the guidance algorithm in action?

Yes, I've created some videos showing off the guided missiles - you can watch them here:

Note that the assets used in these videos are not included in the pack. However, you can download them for free from the marketplace / other sources (see video descriptions).

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