Wind Component Setup

Get familiar with all settings of the AC_ProNavWind component.

The wind component can be added to any actor using the projectile movement component to simulate wind or noise.

To get started, simply add the AC_ProNavWind component to your projectile. All settings of this component are explained below. The projectile is required to use the projectile movement component, otherwise the wind component cannot function.

Example use cases:

  • Achieve a more realistic, less "perfect" flight path.

  • Create a swarm-like missile behavior.

Note: The wind component is not mean to simulate a realistic, static wind force. This is because the guidance algorithm would automatically compensate for such a constant wind force.

This component is intended to be used in combination with the AC_ProNav component; however, it is not a requirement to also have the AC_ProNav component attached to your projectile.


A replicated version of the wind component (AC_ProNavWind_Replicated) can be found in the "Replicated" folder. Please use this version of the component when working in a network-replicated environment.


The following section will elaborate on all settings present on the AC_WindComponent. Keep in mind that all editable variables also have a description that can be viewed in-engine.

Wind is Enabled

Defines whether a wind force should be applied to the projectile this component is attached to.

Wind Intensity

Defines the intensity of the wind force. The higher this value is, the more the projectile will be affected by the wind force.

Recommended range : 0.5 (low) - 5 (high)

Note: Wind intensity is also scaled with projectile speed. This means that 5 will always be a high value, regardless of the projectile speed. Without this scaling, the wind force would become less noticeable the faster the projectile is.

Wind Direction Variability

Defines how prone the wind is to changing its direction. If this variable is set to a high value, the wind will change direction very frequently (and vice versa).

Recommended range: 0.1 (low) - 2 (very high)

Maintain Speed

When enabled, the projectile will maintain its current speed and only change its flight direction when the wind force is applied.

When disabled, the wind force will be added to the projectile's velocity. This means that the projectile can speed up or slow down, depending on the wind direction.

Uniform Wind

When enabled, the wind direction will be uniform across all AC_ProNavWind components. This means that all projectiles will be pushed into the same direction by the wind.

When disabled, each projectile will have its own simulated wind direction. For example, this could be used to create a missile swarm behavior.

Debug Mode

When enabled, draw a debug arrow to visualize the current wind force.

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